OK Sealer

Division of OK International Corp. 



Your Ultimate Bag Sealing & Bagging System Solutions

Through our position today as a global leader in continuous rotary hot air and band sealers, the OK Sealer legacy has always been one built upon innovation, quality, technical expertise, customer focus, and a commitment to excellence.

Our bag sealing solutions include, continuous hot air sealers, continuous band sealers, medical band sealers, bagging systems, air evacuation and gas flush systems, fill and seal lines, and other complete sealing systems.

Every OKI bag sealer’s component is designed with longevity, reliability and simplicity as its top priorities. In order to assure that the machinery remains consistent from design to assembly, all engineering and manufacturing is done in house. The engineers are constantly evaluating new technology. With new availability of efficient, mechanical and electrical components, improvements are continuously incorporated.