Heat Sealers: Be Consistent to Minimize Risk

Heat Sealers: Be Consistent to Minimize Risk

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, May/June 2014, Volume 22, No. 3
Written by Daphne Allen, Editor, Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News

How to keep a close watch on your sealing parameters and conditions.

When it comes to heat sealing, process consistency is the medical device manufacturer’s friend. Any deviation from validated sealing temperatures, dwell times, pressures, and even positioning and feeding could spell trouble.

Operator training and control are essential to maintaining such consistency. But when juggling different packages and products, as is common in low-volume medical device packaging runs, following established parameters after change over can be tricky.

Heat sealing technology suppliers are offering some assistance. “The current focus for most MDMs is reducing or eliminating risks in their process,” says Lynne Barton, senior account executive for CeraTek, a SencorpWhite brand (www.sencorpwhite.com). “While a small percentage of companies need to address unusual deficiencies in their SOP, most MDMs have very similar issues that can be resolved with readily available, standard auxiliary equipment.”