Formost Fuji

Since 1973, Formost Fuji Corporation’s main office and plant has been located in a 50,000 square foot facility in Woodinville, Washington.

Formost Fuji’s employees, machines, and operations have helped position Formost Fuji as a leading designer and innovator in the packaging machine industry worldwide.

Alvin C. Formo started building his machine to automatically push bread into polyethylene bags.

Formo saw the growing possibilities in poly-bagged bread. Against resistance from the baking industry and warnings that poly-bagged bread was a passing fad, he opened his business, Formost Packaging Machines Inc in Seattle's old Ballard neighborhood on St Patrick’s Day, 1964.

Aware of the growing market and sales potential for bagged bread, Formo began his development of an automatic poly-bagging machine in 1963. The prototype bagging machine was sold in 1964 to Continental Baking Co. in Spokane, Washington.