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OK Sealer's Supersealer Medical Band Sealer (MBS) has been enhanced to help medical device packagers with UDI requirements. The company partnered with Code Tech and Keyence to integrate a UDI Thermal Ink Jet coder with the sealer along with a Keyence Reader.
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New Packaging System Can Shift Gears at the Push of the Button.
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Supersealer MBS

The Supersealer MBS Medical Band Sealer is a rotary band sealer designed to meet FDA guidelines for the Medical Packaging Industry. The Supersealer MBS continuously seals a wide range of medical packaging materials including Plastic, Tyvek, Mylar, Pet, Coated Tyvek, paper and plastic, laminated foil and metalized foil bags. The stainless steel construction of the Supersealer in combination with advanced band sealing technology and state of the art process controls ensure continuous duty performance in demanding applications.

Now specializing in UDI Coders to meet FDA Compliance Dates

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Supersealer MBS
Rotary Medical Band Sealer
       medical band sealer, band sealer, bag sealer, medical bag sealer
Right to Left Medical Band Sealer mounted on mobile
base and motorized pedestal, optional BBY-100 conveyor mounted on motorized pedestal and optional thermal ink jet coder to meet FDA compliance dates
Meeting: ANSI/AAMI/ASTM, ISO 11607-2
ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and EN 868
Standards for Compliance
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The latest Medical Sealer News from Ann Kellet, VP OK International Group
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T-Pak 500 with Supersealer
medical band sealer, band sealer, bag sealer, medical bag sealer
Right to Left (horizontal presentation) MBS with
stainless steel T-Pak 500


Technical Specifications
Stainless Steel Finish: Clean and durable
Bag/Pouch Material: Heat seal up to 40 mils
Speed: Up to 60 ft/min or 18 m/min belt speed. Other speeds upon request
Seal Width: 7/16" (11mm)
Heat Bars: One pair (1) 7" (17.78cm)
Cooling Bars: One pair (1) 5" (12.7cm)
Machine handing: Right to Left or Left to Right
Power Requirements: 110 VAC, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 10 Amp.
220 VAC, 1 Ph, 50 Hz, 7 Amp. CE Marked
Pneumatic: 80-100 psi clean dry air
PLC Control: Touch screen
Features & Benefits
Band Sealing Technology: Can seal multiple materials consistently, because band supports pouch/bag material through sealing process
Variable Speed: Ease of matching conveyor speed for flexibility
Closed Loop Temperature Control: Accurate and consistant sealing temperature
Touch Panel Monitor: Operators, Managers, QC personnel can always see all variables of the machine at all times both set and actual
Recipes in PLC: Pouch/Bag change over made easy with menu and load up the next pouch/bag parameters with a touch of a button
Easy Lift Cover: No tool, band Change with easy access
Motorized Pedestal: With a touch of a button, for height adjustment, simplifying multiple pouch/bag size applications
Plugs into any Wall Plug: Minimal utility requirements
Broken Band Sensor: No pouch/bag will be sealed out of its parameter settings, when it senses a broken band it will run in reverse
Out of PLC Parameter Settings: No pouch/bag will be sealed out its parameter settings, when it senses a broken band it will run in reverse
Wrinkles in Pouch/Bag Sensor: Wrinkle detector
IQ/OQ Sample documents: Information for the small to mid size companies that may require an introdutory guideline
Ethernet Port: Optional, extraction of data
Packaging of Terminally
Sterilized Medical Devices :
Meeting: ANSI/AAMI/ASTM, ISO 11607-2, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and EN 868 standards for compliance
Supersealer MBS Options  [View]
Bag/Pouch Top Trimmers: Stationary blade and rotary blade trimmer meets all application requirements
Bag/Pouch Trim Remover: Standard trim remover can remove up to 3" of trim; other lengths of trim can be accommodated
Conveyors: OK International is a fabrication company. We have 6" wide 8’ foot conveyors on the shelf. All other conveyors custom built to meet application
Bag/Pouch Date/Lot Coders: Emboss coder with up to 42 characters per line and ink wheel coder with up to 32 characters per line both provide up to two lines of code. All coders on market can be mounted and/or integrated with Supersealer
Bag/Pouch fillers and Loaders: OK International works with its partners who manufacturer scales, augers, robotics and automatic bag loaders to create a seamless packing line
Bags/Pouches: OK International can introduce you to the best bag/pouch manufacturers your application requires
Data Reporting Software: Creates a report that displays parameters of recipe used during session, stats such as average and Standard deviation of the process variables and also a listing of out of tolerance sampling points