Since 1982, OKI has grown from a startup into a global company with installations in over 50 countries around the world. What we do and how we work is distinctly OKI. It's a way of thinking that has grounded our performance by taking the best practices from our acquisitions and experience and expressing it in the spirit and language of OKI today.
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4 Ways Medical Packaging Equipment is Changing

Supersealer MBS Tracing And Traceability

OK Sealer Promotional Video By Ann Marie Kellett

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7/27/17 Inspirational Video From Sunshine Nut Co.

We are proud to work with Sunshine Nut Co. While watching this awesome video make sure to look for our Super Sealers!

Supersealer MBS Sealing and Traceability

Supersealer MBS Tracing And Traceability >
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The latest news from Ann Kellet, VP OK International Group

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Supersealer Bag Sealer Europe Sale! SS2/SB20

For a limited time to European Customers only the SS2/SB20 or SB30 Bag Sealer is available at a reduced price. Call us at our England office +44 (0)1359 250705.

Here at OK Sealer we serve all packaging industries and deliver top of the line packaging machinery to Business’s all over the planet!  OK Sealer has been proven to provide the best Bag Sealer with minimal maintenance required and operator friendly controls.

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OKSEALER’s Medical Profile and Healthcare Packaging® Magazine, August 2015,
Page 98

The Supersealer MBS is our flagship sealer for the medical industry. We have partnered with Code Tech and Keyence to fulfill FDA compliance dates for UDI requirements

The Supersealer MBS, Medical Band Sealer is a rotary band sealer designed to meet ISO11607-2, ISO13485, ISO9001 and EN868 standard requirements for the medical industry. The Supersealer MBS continuously seals a wide range of medical packaging materials including Plastic, Tyvek, Mylar, Pet, Coated Tyvek, paper and plastic, laminated foil and metalized foil bags. With its stainless steel construction, a motorized Pedestal, a sensor for broken bands and a wrinkle detector, the Supersealer MBS offers the best control package for the Medical companies on the market today. The PLC controller monitors variables at all times, the touch-screen enables access to all information required for calibration and validation; change of the machine settings is as easy as a touch of a button. The machine comes standard equipped with an external Ethernet port for accessing the PLC and a USB port to allow users to download data logging batch data onto a USB memory stick.
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New Fruit Plant Installation

New installation in fruit plant has had an impressive growth in the last past years. A product which is in high demand in practically every market.

OK Sealer division just recently installed 20 machines at a fruit plant. The CEO of the plant basically wanted to replace all of their old sealers with a reliable and maintenance friendly sealer. “We evaluated several options, but at the end of the day, the OK Supersealers were intent on meeting our operational needs”.

“The fruit market continues to grow, but with our OK Supersealers we will have no problems meeting our demands”, explains the CEO. “We are planning to order six more this season. “


Heat Sealers: Be Consistent to Minimize Risk

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, May/June 2014, Volume 22, No. 3
Written by Daphne Allen, Editor, Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News

How to keep a close watch on your sealing parameters and conditions.

When it comes to heat sealing, process consistency is the medical device manufacturer’s friend. Any deviation from validated sealing temperatures, dwell times, pressures, and even positioning and feeding could spell trouble.

Operator training and control are essential to maintaining such consistency. But when juggling different packages and products, as is common in low-volume medical device packaging runs, following established parameters after change over can be tricky.

Heat sealing technology suppliers are offering some assistance. “The current focus for most MDMs is reducing or eliminating risks in their process,” says Lynne Barton, senior account executive for CeraTek, a SencorpWhite brand ( “While a small percentage of companies need to address unusual deficiencies in their SOP, most MDMs have very similar issues that can be resolved with readily available, standard auxiliary equipment.”
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High-Speed Rotary Band Sealer

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, May/June 2014, Volume 22, No. 3
Published September 17, 2014 in Powder and Bulk Solids

The Supersealer SB40 rotary band sealer continuously seals a wide range of bag materials at high speed and efficiency. The heavy-duty SB40 stainless steel construction, in combination with proven band technology and operator-friendly controls, ensures performance in demanding applications. Features include: motorized pedestal; No tool band change over; Closed-loop PID temperature control. Benefits include: sealer head is raised and lowered with a touch of a button for different bag sizes; base is on casters for mobility; easy to maintain; accurate and consistent sealing temperature. OK International Corp., Marlborough, MA 800-521-2908
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